We provide franchise-specific support.

We have an entire PCP-trained department 100% dedicated to our valued franchise customers and their unique requirements.

Compliance is critical.
We have you covered.

Our overtime calculations, pre-set provincial rules, and notifications of upcoming legislative changes keep your business on the right side of compliance.

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Are you looking for efficiency and a competitive edge?

Recruit qualified people faster, ensure shifts are covered, and deliver a modern employee experience all from one easy to master platform.

We’ll set you up in five simple steps.

By onboarding 4,000+ clients a year, we’ve really fine-tuned the experience. A dedicated implementation specialist will be with you every step of the way to make sure your first run goes off without a hitch.

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We love year-end. You read that right.

Experience a different kind of year-end with a helpful checklist and videos, CRA/MRQ submission and unlimited expert support every step of the way.